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The Heaven

Knong Psar

Knorng Psar is a three-way crossroads that links Koh Kong, Kampong Spue, and Pursat provinces. Knorng Psar is a densely forested location with high valleys and beautiful pine woods, as well as a diverse range of unusual fauna. A sea of clouds rolls in early in the morning.

Sightseeing Knong Psar

Location and Details


On Knong Psar, there is a waterfall that is only an hour away from your campsite.

Knong Sompov

Is the ideal spot for watching the sunset and taking in the scenery.


Near the camping area, there is a small waterflow where everyone can swim.


The forest walkway will impress you and entice you to return.

Tasal Dam

Tasal is agriculture's natural water supply. It's a stunning lake.

Te Teuk Pus (Hot Spring)

Hot Water is a site where they believe illness can be cured.